head of engineering


About the Company

Hatch is a start-up company that builds scalable, value adding software-as-a-service products for Wholesale sales teams in the Apparel/Sportswear industry. Hatch uses breakthrough tech to simplify and streamline the fashion selling process — making it smarter, faster and more sustainable — unlocking new possibilities for brands & buyers.

Hatch is committed to learning by doing, growing our craft every day and repeating the journey until we get it right. With the moonshot goal to change the industry, starting with PVH and then moving beyond, Hatch is in the midst of a growth spurt that requires clear direction and laser focus on tech strategy. The tech and architecture teams are looking for an inspiring leader to guide the team to success.

Department Information

Strategic thinking and strong business acumen are essential for this role. We are looking for a servant leader who is well-versed in current tech trends and familiar with a variety of business concepts, who will confidently represent Hatch with stakeholders – both internally and externally.

The Head of Engineering plays a critical role in driving strategic areas for Hatch: leading the product and client engineering teams, aligning with PVH technology stakeholders, and driving the longterm tech strategy and vision for Hatch - establishing the company as a budding SAAS vendor, defining the right market fit in the B2B selling space.

Position Description

Key Responsibilities

  • Coach and build a world class Technology leadership team, fostering collaboration and growth potential
  • Define and lead the overall tech strategy, ensuring Hatch can deliver and support its business ambitions
  • Take the lead in exploring technical fit with potential customers and foster relationships within the community
  • Focus on team mentality and coaching: encourage teams to anticipate what’s next, embrace the latest tech to solve user (and enterprise) problems Hatch clients face
  • Develop a talent strategy: consistently assessing the team set-up and expertise needed for the future
  • Facilitate candid collaboration with the PVH technology leadership and build constructive relationship across the organization (PVH Europe and US), maturing the Hatch / PVH relationship to ensure healthy ‘Hatching’
  • Together with Leadership team define and champion a culture of quality, learning and continuous improvement, where challenge, collaboration and scalability are highly valued
  • Evolve Hatch’s Infrastructure, processes and practices, always raising the bar to ensure optimal balance of operational excellence on the one hand and enablement of speed & autonomy on the other
  • Address impediments and offer guidance with clear decision rights

You will:

  • Make moves!
  • Communicate goals and articulate key principles – and report on progress against those goals
  • Drive Hatch’s autonomy from PVH by defining the tech vision and guarding autonomy for product teams
  • Understand the business opportunities and bring the perspective of tech as a differentiator for Hatch
  • Develop relevant partner or business relationships and oversee vendor strategy
  • Ensure the security and privacy of Hatch customers. Both Security and scalability are high priorities
  • Develop the strategy for using tech resources efficiently, profitably and securely
  • Build the case for a Hatch tech budget, creating a proper framework for teams to make decisions that align with both Hatch and PVH Europe’s best interests
  • Monitor KPIs and OKR’s as well as IT budgets to assess technological performance
  • Communicate technology strategy to partners and investors (PVH)

Position Requirements

You are:

  • A strong and visionary servant leader as well as a stellar guide
  • A true team builder: highly collaborative and able to encourage the same in teams
  • Someone with tangible experience in start-ups as well as extensive knowledge of corporate structures, policies and enterprise IT environments - able to grasp and bridge cultural and corporate differences
  • Able to clearly set strategy for teams as well as help them drive tactical topics
  • The external face of the technology platform; an evangelist to developers, customers, and stakeholders alike
  • Well-versed in modern/upcoming technologies (what Hatch aims to work on and with – so bring it!)
  • Excited about taking on a successful product and looking to mature it into a full, market fit SAAS solution

You have / love:

  • To bridge cultural and coprporate differences
  • The ability to put strategy on paper and influence others to make this strategy a success
  • A proven track record of leadership in areas of technology and product
  • Understanding of budgets and business-planning as well as organizational abilities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to be personable yet persistent.
  • The vision to create a progressive learning culture and establish a model of envisioning, designing and developing products
  • A keen ability to assess the expertise needed to make Hatch a success
  • A strong sense of ownership & entrepreneurial thinking
  • A clear vision of what a successful and happy Product, Design and Engineering organization that solves complex challenges looks like and how to achieve it, contributing to the growth and success of Hatch

We offer you:

  • A unique opportunity to commercialize a proven problem-fit product, building a true fashion tech component for PVH
  • Room to strategize: define how Hatch moves forward in regards to Tech
  • Ample opportunity to make the role your own, to be entrepreneurial
  • Competitive benefits