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Sustainability sower

Planning Manager, PVH
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The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world—and it urgently needs a bold idea to counteract the damage. What if clothes were born with their death in mind?

When Amit Kalra was 20, he decided he wanted to be more stylish than his budget would allow. He taught himself to design and make his own clothing, sifting through thrift stores for cheap materials. Amit’s side project of cutting and sewing recycled clothes for friends and small clothing brands led him to an idea that he hopes will turn the fashion industry on its head, and save the planet while he’s at it.

Amit holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. At PVH Canada, he manages the planning, operations and finances for their Dress Shirt division. Outside of work, he attends fashion school part-time.

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