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Sr. Manager Marketing & Communications, Tommy Hilfiger
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“Don’t be a quitter.” Everyone says it, but is it true? Millennials who move from one job to the next are often labeled entitled and lazy. But maybe they know something that we don't.

Daniela Zamudio has been working in marketing and PR in the fashion industry for over eight years. She heads Marketing and Communications for Tommy Hilfiger Mexico, where she is in charge of positioning the lifestyle brand in 50 retail stores and wholesale clients across the country.

Daniela wasn’t always this thriving businesswoman. Rewind ten years, when she graduated college and aced an assessment competing with 500 students for a role at PepsiCo. After six months on the job, she was miserable. Despite the pressure from family and friends to stay, who argued that PepsiCo was a great company where she could build a career, Daniela decided to quit without a plan or other prospects. This may have been the best decision of her life. Over the last decade, Daniela has discovered that the secret to career success might just be the opposite of what we expect.

Daniela graduated in Mexico City with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and has studied Business Administration in the UK. In her spare time, Daniela trains for marathons and triathlons.

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