“A Shared Commitment” is PVH’s code of conduct for all of our business partners, including suppliers, contractors, vendors, licensees and agents. This code is of utmost importance to us and embodies our commitment to the workers who manufacture our products and their communities. Adherence to the human and labor rights standards in this code by those who seek to do business with us, and by their business partners in our supply chain, is a prerequisite for establishing or continuing a relationship with our company.

We actively seek business associations with those who share our values. Indeed, we cannot do business with any organization or individual that fails to adhere to these ideals in their operations or cause their business partners in our supply chain to do the same. We believe that by working together to see these standards enforced, our company and business partners can help achieve a genuine improvement in the lives of working people around the world and the communities in which they live.

This mission has been a guiding principle of PVH for more than 130 years and it will guide us in the future and take precedence over any economic or business interests.

Emanuel Chirico,
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer PVH Corp.
Michael A. Shaffer, 
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating & Financial Officer, PVH Corp.

To read our full code of conduct, please click here.

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