Dear All,

We believe that the future success of our business is dependent on bringing sustainable practices into all elements of our operations. Our mission is to be one of the leading sustainable designer lifestyle brands through how we create our product, manage our operations and connect with our community and our stakeholders.

As part of the Corporate Responsibility program of our parent company PVH Corp., we have established three principles and 10 commitments that, together across the entire organization, we are working to achieve by 2020. This program embraces the core values and spirit of the Tommy Hilfiger brand: it is inclusive, focused on quality and inspires us to make our sustainability ambitions an integral part of our business, every single day.


Daniel Grieder CEO, Tommy Hilfiger and PVH Europe

The discussion in this section focuses on our own direct operations and those of our parent company, PVH Corp. While we do impose significant standards on our business partners, such as the PVH Corp. Shared Commitment code of conduct, the initiatives we talk about are our own and, generally, we do not address what our licensees, franchisees and other partners may be doing in regard to their operations.


•  We aim to source 100% of our products at facilities that uphold workers’ rights
    by measuring and facilitating social improvements at factories.


•  In 1991, PVH Corp. issued A Shared Commitment, one of the industry’s first
    codes of conduct, committing itself to improving working conditions and
    upholding the rights of the people who make our products.

•  PVH was a founding member of both the Fair Labor Association and the Accord
    on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

•  In 2016, we built upon our existing human rights program and focused on
    positively impacting the lives of workers in our supply chain:

     - We worked to improve the compliance status of our factories and continued
       to partner with our suppliers to improve the lives of workers through our
       capacity-building program.

     - As part of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety, PVH visited all of our
       Bangladeshi suppliers with our local assessors to monitor progress. In 2016,
       in collaboration with our suppliers, we addressed nearly 90% of factory
       safety issues identified by the Accord. For more information please refer
       to the PVH Corporate Responsibility Report 2016.

•  We continue to push for full remediation in all of our Bangladeshi suppliers’
    factories and increase our focus on empowering workers to manage their own
    safety through properly constituted worker committees and health and safety

•  Click for more information on our Code of Conduct, A Shared Commitment.


•  Be a leading workplace that supports individuals’ development and growth, and
    embraces diversity, entrepreneurship and collaboration to achieve excellence.


•  In 2014, PVH created the Global Leadership Program (GLP) in partnership
    with The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The GLP is a
    structured executive development program designed to further foster strong
    corporate leadership with a focus on team building, collaboration, innovation
    and execution.

•  In 2015, we rolled out PVH University on Demand worldwide. This digital
    tool enables associates to learn anytime, anywhere and on any device.

•  PVH has established an executive-sponsored inclusion and diversity council in
    the U.S. and has formed a women’s business resource group to foster women’s

•  At our CR event, held in Amsterdam in October 2016 under the theme
    “Achieve Change,” four employees shared their journeys to make
    sustainability part of their daily work.

•  In 2017, Tommy Hilfiger partnered with TED to launch a unique internal
    program empowering employees to share their incredible inspirations, ideas
    and stories with the world through both TED and Tommy digital platforms.


•  Through our TommyCares program – which forms part of the broader PVH
    Cares commitment to promote the interests of women and children – we aim
    to build healthier communities by supporting and developing partnerships
    with non-profit organizations.


•  Through the TommyCares corporate volunteer program, associates in North
    America and Europe may actively give back to the communities where we

    For more on TommyCares see below.

•  Since 1995, TommyCares has developed and supported philanthropic
    partnerships worldwide, allowing us to make a positive impact in the
    communities we live and work in on a global scale.

•  In 2016, Tommy Hilfiger associates volunteered a total of 3,500 community
    service hours, with highlights including:

      - In our Amsterdam HQ, TommyCares and our company restaurant
         People's Place partners with local NGO BuurtBuik, who is committed to
         fighting foodwaste. Every Friday afternoon, BuurtBuik collects leftover
         food from People's Place to distribute it during community events in

      - During Miami Art Week, artwork created by talented students from
         Glades Middle School and Jose De Diego Middle School were put on
         sale in our Tommy Hilfiger Miami Beach store, with 25% of proceeds
         donated to the Autism Speaks charity.

•  In April 2017, over 70 associates in Amsterdam and 100 refugee children
    participated in a fun day of sports that included hockey, tennis, volleyball
    and running.