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Presenting a non-gendered capsule without gender in mind, co-designed with actor, Indya Moore, as part of our People’s Place Program.

The People’s Place Program is a cornerstone in our efforts to open the door to everyone who has been left out by fashion. With our TommyXIndya capsule collaboration, we are truly embodying these values at the core of our platform.” —Tommy Hilfiger

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We're proud to continue our collaboration with Indya Moore with a non-gendered capsule.

“Too many people are made to feel that something is wrong with them just for being themselves. With our capsule, no one is made to feel wrong or different or broken.” — Indya Moore


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A non-gendered capsule collection, co-designed with actor Indya Moore.

We believe that whatever you put on your body should make you feel great. So we created the TommyXIndya capsule without gender in mind, using clever design elements to make pieces that look great on diverse body shapes and sizes XXS to XXXL.

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The TommyXIndya collection takes inspiration from the gender non-conformist silhouettes Tommy built his collections around back in the Nineties. Each of those iconic pieces was modernized, refreshed and re-created for different body types, shapes and sizes.

Collection Adaptable features

Chella Man - Artist, Activist & Author

THE SATIN BASKETBALL SHORT. An adaptable drawstring and elastic waist can be worn on the waist or hips. A full-volume leg creates a 'skort' effect.

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Gia Love - Activist and Model

THE ARCHIVE STRIPE SHIRT. Fluid fabric creates an accommodating fit. Adjustable sleeves cater for different proportions.

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We've teamed up with four inspiring talents; Chella Man, Gia Love, Pidgeon and Corey Walker, to showcase the versatilty of each piece.

Pidgeon - Intersex Advocate

THE SATIN DUNGAREE. Raw hem for leg length adjustments without specialist tailoring. Can be worn as pants using adjustable belt.

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Corey Walker - Model & Activist

THE CROPPED SATIN JACKET. A dropped shoulder construction accommodates different body shapes.

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A platform of true foundational change.

We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration to create a more inclusive future of fashion. All People's Place Program collaborations encompass the program's foundational pillars: Partnership & Representation, Career Support & Industry Access, and Industry Leadership. By working with diverse talent and joining forces with cultural changemakers we amplify the voices within BIPOC & LGTBQ+ community to achieve meaningful, long-lasting change.

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With a minimum commitment of $15 million over three years, the People's Place Program creates opportunity for underrepresented talent and increases visibility through three pillars:


We will enhance our diverse pipeline, focusing on collaborations that increase visibility, partnering with organisations and creatives whose mission is to advance BIPOC representation and equity in the industry.


We will use our resources to ensure career opportunities by providing access to information or physical materials, specialist advice, industry introductions, and more.


We will commit to independent, industry-wide assessment of diversity, equity and inclusion in the fashion industry, and from that create an action plan for our Tommy team that will also be shared back to the industry.

“Through the People’s Place Program, we will use our platform to create opportunities and stand up for what is right.” –Tommy Hilfiger

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A capsule of archive pieces reimagined and remade with designer Romeo Hunte.

Collection dropping: 12.08.2021