python developer


Department Information

We are looking for a developer to help us build plugins and integrations with a number of 3rd-party tools, including desktop apps, open source tools such as Blender, and enterprise data systems. If you have experience writing app plugins, Python skill and experience with data flowing through complex systems, we want to talk to you.

The team:

We are building a team to address the challenges of digitizing apparel production, and are in an exciting phase of defining the technology and processes we will use to build a flexible 3D design platform. We have a team of technologists and industry experts working together to research and prototype a number of possible tools that extend upon the asset management system that we have already built. You will work together with this technology team as we explore and grow

Position Description

You get:

  • A competitive salary
  • A motivated team with a wide range of experiences and skills
  • Early stage products that you can influence greatly
  • Career development support from the company in the form of training, speaker series, conferences, et cetera
  • All the benefits of being a PVH employee, including employee discounts on TH and CK, delicious food, and more

You will:

  • Write plugins for Blender, Browzwear tools and other apps
  • Integrate apps with our Node/REST/postgresql/aws stack
  • Work on data and asset pipelines
  • Work on 3D rendering solutions
  • Work to build and scale a highly-maintainable software ecosystem.
  • Explore new technologies, and creative applications of existing technologies, to drive forward the project vision.
  • Work with the new integrations team and our technology team at large to connect 3rd party apps to our custom products
  • Work from our office in Houthavens most day

Position Requirements

You have:

  • Experience consuming / creating REST APIs
  • Experience with writing modular and easy-to-read code, in Python and other languages
  • Experience writing app plugins or enterprise integrations. For example, extensions for creative tools or browsers, or microservices that take data from black box systems and adapt them to custom systems
  • An affinity for modular, maintainable code.
  • A strong background in automated testing in Python
  • Experience with test-driven development.
  • An innate curiosity with a desire to learn, create and explore.


  • JavaScript experience
  • Experience with Blender or Browzwear tools
  • Rendering / asset conversion pipeline experience